The quest to design, build, sell and race the best and fastest offshore powerboats in the world is undertaken by an elite few. The men that Captain these organizations and race these boats often live on the fine line between triumph and tragedy. Somewhere in the middle is the daily grind of life at normal speed. We follow three of these Icons of the industry - As they manage their companies, crews and their lives. Join them as they build, sell, rig and renovate these monster boats, joke and play with their friends, family and colleagues, experience triumphs and success among their peers, and deal with the real-life tragedies that sometimes come with living on the edge.



It’s about Adventure, Excitement and Life on the Water! Join Rich Hatch and his guest adventurers as they board all types of Boats, Yachts, Ships and Sailing Vessels to experience a true exciting adventure each episode. From SCUBA diving with Sharks to High Performance Extreme Power-Boating to Big Game Sport-Fishing, Wreck Diving, Air-Boating, Gator Hunting, SpearFishing, Submarining and luxury trips aboard the Megayachts of the rich and famous. An epic adventure, exciting challenges and a chance to win some booty! You never know what Rich is gonna do! But it'll be an adventure, thats for sure!

Challenge You with Richard Hatch is a true-test reality adventure that sets a select team of explorers on a journey to conquer the limits of their physical, mental and emotional endurance. Six total strangers with conflicting ideals take the ultimate test of survival and discovery. Rich leads the crew of adventurers on a non-stop mission of courage, teamwork, and understanding. As they navigate through challenging situations toward the journey’s end, Rich helps each member achieve their full potential and come to grips with their shortcomings, insecurities and misguided idealisms.   It’s an epic adventure of the body and the mind.  

Challenge You


Are you a racist? Are you a bigot? Are you an egomaniac? Is your arrogance out of control?This is a show in which you are going to be challenged. How ready are you for change? You’re going to learn who you are, and Rich Hatch is going to force you to face things you don't want to know about yourself. He's going to break down your stereotypes; your prejudices; your bigotry and put it all on display.   
Rich is tired of the superficial jibberish in which people all too often engage.
Ready or not? This will be an epic Adventure Intervention.



Pat Baker is an addict – a recovering addict - on a mission. He wants to start a revolution in the treatment of addiction. In this series, we’ll follow Pat (if we can keep up) as he strives to help other addicts break the cycle of addiction. Along the way, he'll work to spread the word about what he believes is a nearly miraculous solution for addicts. Addicted to opiates, alcohol and sex, this man has for years teetered on the edge of burning out – literally killing himself. Pat admits to having ruined and mended his own life more times than he can count. But his life is on a new path - a path of healing!

What happens when a child contacts you... out of nowhere... and says you are their father? It can turn more than just your life around. It can affect everyone around you. Each year there are more than 60,000 children conceived through donors and we're only now coming to grips with the implications of this phenomenon. Join us as we meet new sperm donor children - of all ages - as they search their biological half siblings for the first time! No matter how much they think they're ready for the moment, it's never predictable.

Selling Yachts is an exciting and extremely competitive business. And, it takes a special type of individual to be successful. We go behind the scenes with United Yacht Sales, the largest Yacht Brokerage company in the World, for an in-depth and up close look at the high-end, exciting and lucrative world of yacht sales. Family owned and operated, our Yacht Hunters, the Schmidt family, navigate the trials, tribulations, fun, drama and triumphs of this competitive high-stakes industry. We'll focus on the boats, the people, the money, the lifestyle, the brokers, the competition and the eclectic family that runs this exciting company!